Klein Quick Release Belt 30-40
Klein Quick Release Belt #5425

Klein Quick Release Belt #5425

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Klein Part # 5425

  • Medium fits 30'' - 44'' (762 mm - 1118 mm) belt sizes.
  • Belt is made of a mildew-resistant blend of cotton/polyester webbing for comfort and strength.
  • Features a forged, quick-release buckle for emergency situations where the user has to quickly disengage the belt (ie, working over water or in grain elevators).
  • Must be worn over the users harness and clothing so it will drop free when released.
  • This is NOT an occupational protective belt. ONLY use as a tool belt.

Waist size:

5425M - MED 30"-40"
5425XL - XL 38"-54" (add $15.00 for XL)

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